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SecureStack C2
Redundant Power Supply Chassis
Installation Guide
Caution: Do not use this product with SecureStack PoE devices. Any
SecureStack device with a “P” suffix in the model number (C2xxxx-xxP)
indicates a SecureStack PoE-compliant device and is not compatible with
this power system
Precaución: El RPS no es compatible con switches SecureStack C2 con
PoE. No intente conectar el cable de corriente del RPS a ningún switch
SecureStack C2 que tenga el sufijo “P” en el nombre del modelo, tal como
C2xxxxx-xxP. De lo contrario, el dispositivo puede dañarse.
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Page 1 - Installation Guide

SecureStack C2Redundant Power Supply ChassisC2RPS-CHAS2Installation GuideC2RPS-CHAS2Caution: Do not use this product with SecureStack PoE devices. Any

Page 3

ixContentsAbout This GuideWho Should Use This Guide ...

Page 4

xTables2-1 Contents of C2RPS-CHAS2 Carton...2-22-2 Contents of C2R

Page 5 - BSMI EMC Statement — Taiwan

SecureStack C2 Installation Guide xiAbout This GuideThisguideprovidesanoverview,installationandtroubleshootinginstructions,andspecifications

Page 6 - Declaration of Conformity

Related Documentsxii About This GuideThisprefaceprovidesanoverviewofthisguideandtheSecureStackC2manualset,andabriefsummaryofeachch

Page 7 - Firmware License Agreement

Conventions Used in This GuideSecureStack C2 Installation Guide xiiiConventions Used in This GuideThefollowingconventionsareusedinthisguide:Not

Page 8

Conventions Used in This Guidexiv About This Guide

Page 9

SecureStack C2 Installation Guide 1-11IntroductionThischapterprovidesafunctionaloverviewofaRedundantPowerSystem(RPS).RPSOverviewAnRPS(re

Page 10

C2RPS-CHAS2 Chassis1-2 IntroductionC2RPS-CHAS2 ChassisThechassisisatwo‐slotframewithoutACpowerconnectionsorelectronics.Thechassiscanbe

Page 11 - Contents

C2RPS-PSM Power Supply ModuleSecureStack C2 Installation Guide 1-3C2RPS-PSM Power Supply ModuleTheC2RPS‐PSMprovidesthefollowing:•Hotswapcapabili

Page 13 - About This Guide

RPS Deployment Strategies1-4 IntroductionRPS Deployment StrategiesTheRPScanbedeployedinavarietyofsituationswithmission‐criticalapplication

Page 14 - Related Documents

Getting HelpSecureStack C2 Installation Guide 1-5Getting HelpForadditionalsupportrelatedtotheC2RPS‐CHAS2orthisdocument,contactEnterasysNet

Page 15

Getting Help1-6 Introduction

Page 16

SecureStack C2 Installation Guide 2-12InstallationThischapterprovidesinstructionstoinstallallthecomponentsofanRPS.TocorrectlyinstallanR

Page 17 - Introduction

Installing C2RPS-PSMs2-2 Installation3. Performavisualinspectionoftheswitchdevicesforanysignsofphysicaldamage.ContactEnterasysNetworks

Page 18 - C2RPS-CHAS2 Chassis

Installing C2RPS-PSMsSecureStack C2 Installation Guide 2-3Figure 2-1 C2RPS-PSM InstallationReplacing an Installed C2RPS-PSMToreplaceaPSMinstalled

Page 19 - C2RPS-PSM Power Supply Module

Installing C2RPS-CHAS2 into the Rack2-4 InstallationToinstallaPSM,proceedasfollows:1. AlignthePSMwiththeslot,thenslidethePSMforwardun

Page 20 - RPS Deployment Strategies

Installing C2RPS-CHAS2 into the RackSecureStack C2 Installation Guide 2-5Rack Mounting the ChassisRefertoFigure 2‐2andproceedasfollowstoinstal

Page 21 - Getting Help

Connecting the PSM Cables and AC Power Cords2-6 InstallationConnecting the PSM Cables and ACPower CordsThePSMsareconnectedtotheSecureStackC2E

Page 22 - 1-6 Introduction

Connecting the PSM Cables and AC Power CordsSecureStack C2 Installation Guide 2-7Figure 2-5 C2RPS-PSM Cable and AC Power Cord Connections5. Oncertai

Page 23 - Installation

iNoticeEnterasys Networksreservestherighttomakechangesinspecificationsandotherinformationcontainedinthisdocumentanditswebsitewitho

Page 24 - Installing C2RPS-PSMs

Connecting the PSM Cables and AC Power Cords2-8 Installation

Page 25

SecureStack C2 Installation Guide A-1ASpecificationsThisappendixincludesspecificationsfortheC2RPS‐CHAS2,C2RPS‐PSM,12‐Vdcpowersupplyoutputc

Page 26 - 2-4 Installation

C2RPS-PSM SpecificationsA-2 SpecificationsC2RPS-PSM SpecificationsRefertoTable A‐2fortheinput/outputportspecifications.C2RPS-PSM Redundant Powe

Page 27 - Rack Mounting the Chassis

Compliance StandardsSecureStack C2 Installation Guide A-3Compliance StandardsTheC2RPS‐PSMmeetsthesafetyandelectromagneticcompatibility(EMC)re

Page 28 - 2-6 Installation

Compliance StandardsA-4 Specifications

Page 29 - Redundant Power Supply

ii Regulatory Compliance InformationFederal Communications Commission (FCC) NoticeThisdevicecomplieswithPart15oftheFCCrules.Operationissub

Page 30 - 2-8 Installation

iiiElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)Thisproductcomplieswiththefollowing:47CFRParts2and15,CSAC108.8,89/336/EEC,EN55022,EN61000‐3‐2,

Page 31 - Specifications

iv Declaration of ConformityApplicationofCouncilDirective(s): 89/336/EEC73/23/EECManufacturer’sName: Enterasys Networks, Inc.Manufacturer’sAddres

Page 32 - C2RPS-PSM Specifications


Page 33 - Compliance Standards

vi 3. APPLICABLELAW. ThisAgreementshallbeinterpretedandgovernedunderthelawsandinthestateandfederalcourtsoftheCommonwealthofMassa

Page 34 - A-4 Specifications

vii8. AUDITRIGHTS. YouherebyacknowledgethattheintellectualpropertyrightsassociatedwiththeProgramareofcriticalvaluetoEnterasysand,a

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