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8.5x11-inch cover with bleed on 4 sides
Ethernet Switch
Hardware Installation Guide
P/N 9034357-02
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Page 1 - G-Series

8.5x11-inch cover with bleed on 4 sidesEnterasys® G-SeriesEthernet SwitchG3G124-24G3G124-24PG3G170-24Hardware Installation GuideP/N 9034357-02

Page 2

viii8. AUDITRIGHTS. YouherebyacknowledgethattheintellectualpropertyrightsassociatedwiththeProgramareofcriticalvaluetoEnterasys,and,

Page 3

ixContentsAbout This GuideWho Should Use This Guide ...

Page 4

x IOM Status LEDs ...

Page 5 - orcontactEnterasys

xiA-8 MGBIC-LC01/MGBIC-MT01 Operating Range ...A-6A-9 MGBIC-02 Specific

Page 7 - Class 1 Laser Transceivers

Enterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide xiiiAbout This GuideThisguideprovidesanoverview,specificationsandinstructionsforinstallingthe

Page 8 - Declaration of Conformity

Document Conventionsxiv About This GuideDocument ConventionsThefollowingtypographicalconventionsandiconsareusedinthi sguide.Commonly Used Ac

Page 9

Getting HelpEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide xvGetting HelpForadditionalsupportrelatedtotheG‐Seriesswitch,theIOMs,orthisdocu

Page 10

Getting Helpxvi About This Guide

Page 11 - Contents

Enterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 1-11IntroductionTheG‐SeriesEthernetswitchisamodular,high‐densityswitchdesignedtohandlenetwo

Page 13

Features1-2 IntroductionFigure 1-2 G3G124-24 Switch (rear view) with 1200 and 400-watt power supplies installedFeaturesTheG‐Seriesswitchesinclude

Page 14

FeaturesEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 1-3• StandaloneorRackMountableChassisTheG‐SeriesEthernetswitchcanbeinstalledasafre

Page 15 - About This Guide

Features1-4 Introductioncommonmodevoltageonthesignalpair.PoEexploitsthisfactbyusingtwotwistedpairsasthetwoconductorstosupplyadi

Page 16 - Commonly Used Acronyms

Enterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-12InstallationThischapterprovidestheinstructionstoinstalltheG3G124‐24,G3G124‐24PandG3G170‐

Page 17 - Getting Help

Unpacking the G-Series Switch2-2 InstallationUnpacking the G-Series SwitchShipped With the SwitchInspectthecontentsforanysignsofphysicaldamage

Page 18

Order of Installation StepsEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-3Order of Installation StepsOnceasuitablesitehasbeenchosen,proceed

Page 19 - Introduction

Mounting the Switch2-4 InstallationPlacing the Switch on a Flat SurfaceWheninstallingtheswitchonaflatsurface,theinstallationoftherubber f

Page 20 - Features

Installing and Removing a Power SupplyEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-5Figure 2-1 Attaching the Brackets to the Switch (G3G124-24 wi

Page 21

Installing and Removing a Power Supply2-6 InstallationPower Supply PlanningAsshowninTable 2‐1,whentwopowersuppliesareinstalledandpowerredu

Page 22 - Fan Management

Installing and Removing a Power SupplyEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-7Power Supply Addition or IOM RemovalWhenapowersupplyisadd

Page 23 - Installation

iNoticeEnterasys Networksreservestherighttomakechangesinspecificationsandotherinformationcontainedinthisdocumentanditswebsitewitho

Page 24 - Unpacking the G-Series Switch

Installing and Removing a Power Supply2-8 InstallationFigure 2-2 Installing a Power Supply Module (1200-watt module into PWR 2 slot shown) 7. Secure

Page 25 - Mounting the Switch

Installing and Removing an IOMEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-9Installing and Removing an IOMInstalling an Optional PoE Module on the

Page 26 - 2-4 Installation

Installing and Removing an IOM2-10 InstallationFigure 2-3 Installing a PoE module in the G3G-24TX IOM4. UsingthescrewsshippedwiththePoEmodule,

Page 27

Installing and Removing an IOMEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-11Figure 2-4 Installing an IOM (G3G-24TX with optional PoE shown)7. To

Page 28 - Power Supply Planning

Connecting Power to the Switch2-12 Installation4. Replacetheslot’scoverplate.Connecting Power to the SwitchYoucaninstallasingleprimarysource

Page 29 - Installing a Power Supply

Connecting to the Console PortEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-13RefertotheEnterasysG‐SeriesCLIReferenceforinformationonhow

Page 30 - Removing a Power Supply

Connecting to the Network2-14 Installation5. WhenyouarereadytobeginconfiguringtheG‐SeriesEthernetswitch,usetheproceduresin“Completingt

Page 31

Connecting to the NetworkEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-15ToconnecttwistedpairsegmentstotheG‐Series,refertoFigure 2‐5and

Page 32 - Installing an IOM

Connecting to the Network2-16 InstallationFigure 2-6 Four-Wire Crossover Cable RJ45 Pinouts for 10/100BASE-TXFigure 2-7 Four-Wire Straight-Through C

Page 33 - Removing an IOM

Connecting to the NetworkEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-17Figure 2-9 Eight-Wire Straight-Through Cable RJ45 Pinouts for 10/100/1000

Page 34 - Power LED Displays

iiRegulatory Compliance InformationFederal Communications Commission (FCC) NoticeThisdevicecomplieswithPart15oftheFCCrules.Operationissubj

Page 35

Connecting to the Network2-18 InstallationToinstallaSFP/XFP,refertoFigure 2‐10andproceedasfollows.1. Withanantistaticwriststrapattache

Page 36 - Connecting to the Network

Connecting to the NetworkEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-19Removing an XFP/SFPToremoveatransceiverfroma portslot,referbackto

Page 37

Completing the Installation2-20 Installation2. InsertthecableconnectorintotheSFP/XFPconnectoruntilitclicksintoplace.Figure 2-11 Cable Con

Page 38 - 2-16 Installation

Installing an Optional PoE Module in the G3G124-24 SwitchEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 2-21c. FordetailsonhowtoconfiguretheG‐S

Page 39 - Installing Optional SFP/XFP

Installing an Optional PoE Module in the G3G124-24 Switch2-22 InstallationFigure 2-12 Screw and Coverplate Removal for Removing the G3G124-24 Cover2.

Page 40 - 2-18 Installation

Enterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 3-13TroubleshootingThischaptercontainsinstructionsontroubleshootingtheG‐SeriesEthernetswitcha

Page 41 - Removing an XFP/SFP

Checking the LEDs3-2 TroubleshootingChecking the LEDsThefollowingsectionsdefinethebehavioroftheLEDsontheG‐SeriesEthernetswitchchassisan

Page 42 - Completing the Installation

Checking the LEDsEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide 3-3Power LEDsThetwopowerLEDs,markedPWR1andPWR2,indicatevoltagefortheprimar

Page 43 - Removing the Switch Cover

Using the Reset Button3-4 TroubleshootingUsing the Reset ButtonIfyouforgettheG‐Seriesloginpassword,usetheResetbuttontoresetthepasswordt

Page 44 - Installing the PoE Module

Enterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide A-1ASpecificationsThisappendixprovidesinformationaboutthefollowing:Enterasys Networksreservesth

Page 45 - Thiscaninclude:

iiiElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)Thisproductcomplieswiththefollowing:47CFRParts2and15,CSAC108.8,2004/108/EC,EN55022,EN61000‐3‐2

Page 46 - Checking the LEDs

Switch SpecificationsA-2 SpecificationsG3G170-24Twenty-four slots that support Mini-GBICs100BASE-FX, 1000BASE-LX/SX fiber-optic connections and 1000BA

Page 47 - Fixed and IOM Port LEDs

IOM Module SpecificationsEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide A-3IOM Module SpecificationsTable A‐2throughTable A‐4providetheI/Oports,

Page 48 - Using the Reset Button

IOM Module SpecificationsA-4 SpecificationsPredicted hours for Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)Calculated following Bellcore TR-331 Issue 6 standard,

Page 49 - Specifications

Torque ValuesEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide A-5Torque ValuesThefollowingtabledescribestherecommendedtorquevaluestousewhenin

Page 50 - A-2 Specifications

1-Gigabit Ethernet and 100Base-FX Transceiver (SFP) SpecificationsA-6 SpecificationsThespecificationsfortheMini‐GBICsshowninTable A‐7throughT

Page 51 - IOM Module Specifications

1-Gigabit Ethernet and 100Base-FX Transceiver (SFP) SpecificationsEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide A-7MGBIC-LC03 Specifications (1000BAS

Page 52 - A-4 Specifications

1-Gigabit Ethernet and 100Base-FX Transceiver (SFP) SpecificationsA-8 SpecificationsMGBIC-LC05 Specifications (100BASE-FX) MGBIC-LC07 Specifications (

Page 53 - Torque Values

10-Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver (XFP) SpecificationsEnterasys G-Series Hardware Installation Guide A-9MGBIC-08 Specifications (1000BASE-ELX) MGBIC-LC0

Page 54 - A-6 Specifications

Console Port Pinout AssignmentsA-10 SpecificationsThespecificationslistedinTable A‐23meetorexceedtheIEEE802.3ae‐2002standard.Console Port P

Page 55 - Item 62.5 µm MMF 50 µm MMF

Index-1IndexNumerics100Base-FX Transceiver (SFP) specifications A-510-Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Specifications (XFP) A-91-Gigabit Ethernet and 100B

Page 56 - Item 10 µm SMF

ivѻѻક䇈ᯢк䰘ӊSupplement to Product Instructions ᳝↦᳝ᆇ⠽䋼៪ܗ㋴(Hazardous Substance) 䚼ӊৡ⿄(Parts) 䪙3E∲+J䬝&G݁Ӌ䫀&U໮⒈㘨㣃3%%໮⒈Ѡ㣃䝮3%&apos

Page 57

vVCCI NoticeThisisaclassAproductbasedonthestandardoftheVoluntaryControlCouncilforInterferencebyInformationTechnologyEquipment(VCC

Page 58 - Regulatory Compliance

viDeclaration of ConformityApplicationofCouncilDirective(s): 2004/108/EC2006/95/ECManufacturer’sName: Enterasys Networks, Inc.Manufacturer’sAddre

Page 59

vii2. RESTRICTIONS. ExceptasotherwiseauthorizedinwritingbyEnterasys,Youmaynot,normayYoupermitanythirdpartyto:(a) Reverseengineer,d

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